"They sent out Evan to diagnose our hot water tank. He was incredibly friendly and knew his stuff very well. Super knowledgeable and I enjoyed discussing the ins and outs of everything with him. He appeared to genuinely care and determined to correct any issues. Thanks, Evan!"  - customer: Joshua Gastaldello


"Fast friendly service! They serviced our boiler system in our new home. They charged me exactly what they quoted and came out on time. Thank-you!"  - customer: Hayley Oliver


"I love the staff! BEST EVER! They repaired my Hot Water Tank, Serviced my Furnace and Repaired my leaking Sink for a fair price. Thank you! I HIGHLY recommend!"   - google review


"Honest plumbers, knowledgeable and helpful. highly recommend!"  - google review


"My fireplace, heat pump, and furnace were all serviced in one trip.  Totally made my day.  Thank you Roger the Plumber."  - customer: Alexander D

"2 days after bringing my newborn son home from the hospital, the hot water tank stopped working. It was a Friday night and the plumbers I called before said they could be there Sunday. Roger the plumber came right away when he heard our situation. He was friendly, courteous, and finished the job quickly. We haven't had any problems with the tank since. He was a lifesaver."  - customer: Kim Morgan


"I had a leak from my hot water tank. I found an offer flyer from Roger the Plumber and gave them a call. This happened on a Friday afternoon 4. 30, no less and thought I would be out of luck with the weekend ahead. But no, they came out straight away, replaced my tank, worked right through to 8pm and took all the old stuff away. No problems at all and at a reasonable price including out of hours. Would definitely recommend and call if I ever have any plumbing problems again. Overall cost $1000 - a good service and fair price."  - customer: Christina Smith


"The furnace that heats up my water tank had its flame out and I couldn't start it up. I didn't know what was happening so I gave Roger a call. He was very patient in talking with me over the phone, and eventually came over to help me relight the flame. Very friendly and professional." - customer:  Evana Fock